Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hats For Vets Project

Here are my recent hats I've made for Clare's Hats For Vets project.

These are made on a loom and I have been able to use up all the odd skeins of yarn that Mom & I had.  I did buy some yarn in more manly colors as most vets are men.  But I have some ladylike colored hats in there as well.  There are 34 hats in this pile, that should keep her busy for a while.

And thanks to an online friend there is money for postage!

These have kept me pretty busy for the last few weeks but Spring is soon coming and I have work to do in the garden as well as tending to my Ebay store.

If you are interested in Clare's Hats For Vets Project, you can find more info here:

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