Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Newly Re-Painted Vintage Nativity Set

I finally finished re-painting the nativity set, sealed it, let it cure for a week, took a photo and then packed it away until December.
I chose more muted colors and did a lot of dry brushing.  The animals in particular turned out fabulous as the dry brushing lets you layer color and you get a look of real fur.  I also made one of the camels a reddish color as their fur color varies according to photos I looked at.  I made Mary's cloak a more subdued color but still used a pearlescent highlighting.  I figured the Magi probably would have given her a gift of a warm cloak as well as those gifts for the Christ child. 

Friday, January 17, 2020

2 New Videos on a Cardinal Quilt I am Making

2 new videos from my YouTube channel on the cardinal quilt I am making and a little tool that helps a lot!

Save Money on Heat Costs

Want to save some money on heating costs?  Here's how I did it.

This is a small ceramic heater, they usually cost about $25 and they oscillate.

Some years back while I lived in Texas I did not use the central heat for January.  Instead I used 2 ceramic heaters.  My bedroom was roughly 16' x 12" and one of these on high for 2 hours made it toasty warm enough to either cut it back to warm or what I mostly did which was to turn it off and sleep under my quilt.  One heater I used in the dining area where my desk was.  That one ran for about 5-6 hours an evening on warm.  The one in the bedroom for 1-2 hours and maybe 1/2 hour in the morning in the bathroom.

My electricity bill that covered December 2012 with the central heat set on 60 unless I was home and then it was 68, was $124.  My bill for January 2013 which had about the same amount of cold days and nights, using only the ceramic heaters, was $53.

In October of 2019 I moved to Colorado.  We live in an apartment which has electric heat that comes from registers at the ceiling.  Electric is included in our rent so we have no idea what the cost is.  However, we have 2 Lasko heaters that oscillate, one we bought in November for about $50.  They work very well.  We keep the heat set on 65-70 degrees and run the Lasko heaters at night and when it gets really cold.  

From experience I know these heaters are more efficient than the register heat.  Closing off rooms not in use will also help greatly and of course dressing for the weather.  If you live in a cold climate and don't know about smartwool, you need to get some!  I got some leggings and a shirt meant to be worn under other clothes and they will keep you toasty!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Pretty in Pink Glass Bracelet

I've been making myself some stone bracelets to wear for healing, hematite is good for minor pain, I've been using it for over 20 years.
I was perusing my 30 boxes of beads and found I had 4 of these pretty lampwork beads.  The background is silver so I added silver spacers and closure.  The faceted pink beads are also glass and they give a nice sparkle.
Sorry for the slight blurriness, my camera has a hard time with close ups, even with the macro on.
I'll be listing this bracelet soon after I try again to get some better photos.

I did finally get the nativity scene re-painted and it came out wonderful, photos next week!

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

How I Made a Down Pillow For Free

My s/o's chiropractor suggested he get a down filled pillow, but the fully down filled ones are $75 & up.  So made him one for Christmas and it cost nothing!

I had an old cotton sheet that I saved for crafty things.  The pillow is a little smaller than a standard pillow but it's big enough.  I embroidered words around the edges - good dream wishes. 

And about 2 weeks ago someone cleaning out their apartment had thrown 2 down filled jackets in the trash bin.  One was really worn and had holes, the other had a broken zipper.  I debated donating them but figured they would just get thrown out again by the thrift store.  So I removed the outer and inner fabrics.  Inside that was 2 more layers sewn into pockets that were filled with goose down.  One at a time I cut the pockets off and transferred the feathers into the pillow.  Took me three days working at night after my s/o went to bed.  I kept wearing the same clothes to work in because the down was stuck all over them.  Thankfully the feathery fluff blended into the carpet enough he didn't notice them the one time he came in my room and I vacuumed them all up when he was at work.  

I don't have a sewing machine so this was all sewn by hand.  And yes, he loves his pillow.

If you should want to try this I would highly recommend to work outside on a non-windy day when dealing with feathers of any kind.  And if you work with feathers other than down, use the heavy ticking fabric so they don't poke out.  Here's a link to a post about some I made some years back.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

A Merry Christmas To Everyone

This is the nativity set from my childhood in the 1960s.  I gave it an update with more color a long time ago.  Time for some refreshing, I think that will be my Christmas Day project.

To those that celebrate something other than Christmas, may your day be very special indeed.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Making Socks Fit

It's cold here in Colorado at 7700 feet elevation in the middle of December.  
My feet were staying cold so my sweetheart gave me a pair of his wool socks, but my legs are wide so I had to make some modifications so the circulation didn't get cut off.
I split the socks from the top to the ankle and whip stitched the edges so they would not ravel.
Then I cut up a pair of black socks I had - into a triangle from the top to the ankle and whipstitched those raw edges.
Then sewed the 2 parts together.  Worked great, the socks fit without binding and keep my toes toasty!

Newly Re-Painted Vintage Nativity Set

I finally finished re-painting the nativity set, sealed it, let it cure for a week, took a photo and then packed it away until December. ...