Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Hallowe'en is Coming! Goth Journal

I've been working on 2 goth / Hallowe'en journals, really more like scrapbooks for someone to add in their own mementos, drawings & thoughts.
Here's the first one done.
Spiderwebs!  Beaded spine in black of course.  The elastic bookmark has a silver circle charm.
The edges of the signature covers have cobweb looking vintage lace.
Looks cool when the book is closed.
I even had a piece of spiderweb embossed paper, though you probably can't tell very well, it's the small piece laying on the red.
I'm working on another with a sugar skull cover!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Journals for an Artist's Work

I have spent 4 days working on 3 journals as gifts for someone.  The journals are not fancy, they are mostly just functional, it's what's inside that's important.
3 sizes to suit the items inside and note how thick the red one is.  It has 5 signatures.  The blue one, the largest is 9 x 12" and had to be to accommodate what went inside.  The person these are for inherited artwork drawn by his grandfather and they haven't been stored very well.  So I took them out of the ziploc bags and envelopes and out of the shed they had been in and gave them new homes that hopefully will keep them safe for years.
I want to show you some of the artwork done by a man who did them in his spare time as a hobby.  The blue journal holds drawings from the 1940's, WWII era.
He used whatever he could find to draw on and used mostly no.2 pencils with the occasional ball point pen, some colored pencils and even a couple with crayon.  On this portrait he used tracing paper and it is so fragile the edges are shredding.  In case you are wondering about the little strips of paper, they hold the drawings in place without having to glue anything but the strips.
click on the images to see them larger.
He seemed to have loved humor judging from some of his drawings.  The cartoon is on a scrap of writing paper, Gussie and many other pieces were drawn on the back of pasteboard signs from the railroad company he worked for.  Most of his work from the 40's is full page size and there are a lot of female nudes as well.
The red journal is filled with drawings from the mid 1970s and they are mostly ranch scenes.  And it's the same ranch and same lake in each one.  The full page drawings are mostly on some sort of cardstock that looks like it might have been the backing to a notepad or something. I believe these were done after he retired.

A handsome cowboy on a random sheet of blue paper.
Some smaller pieces done with colored pencil.  You can see here how many pages I had to use.
The green journal is novel sized and I believe they were all done in the mid 1970s also, with a ballpoint pen.
A couple of caricatures.
Neighborhood cats.
And a jogger.
Check out the texture on these and see if you can guess what he used to draw on this time.  The answer will be below but try to guess first.
It's the cut out tops of styrofoam egg cartons.  I wish I had met this man.
I know his grandson is going to appreciate the journals which make it easy to look at the art without it falling to pieces anymore.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Economizing Measures ~ How to Save Money on Groceries

I've always been careful when it comes to buying groceries.  I check the sale papers, the clearance sections and know that things like rice, potatoes and pasta can stretch one meal into 4.  I've also canned my own food for many years.   However I rarely use coupons because they are usually for items that are more expensive and for processed foods. 

I made a major change in the way I buy groceries some years back and it has saved me a lot.  I started out by buying a bit extra if something was on sale, whether it was peanut butter, fruits & vegetables or meat, etc..  I would can or dehydrate the extra if it was called for.  Many items can be frozen too if you have the room in your freezer.  For example if you are buying one bag of rice because it's on sale, get a couple extra and store it in containers, food saver bags or those mylar bags you can find pretty cheap on Ebay.  

I have bought chicken breast when it went on sale for 99¢ a pound, boiled it and canned it and the broth.  Ready to eat meat in a jar for making  sandwiches, casseroles, tacos, soups and more.  I have bought beef roast when it went on sale for $1.99 a pound.  I slow roasted it and canned it just
like the chicken.  I can leftover turkey and broth.  When those large bags of frozen vegetables are on sale I pick up some extra and dehydrate them. When I buy celery I chop up and dehydrate the stalks from the old bunch and store them in a jar to use in soups and casseroles.  

No matter what you are buying on sale, if you pick up one, why not pick up two or three if you have enough cash.  You will soon have a little stockpile in your pantry and you can now go shopping right at home.  What happens after a while is that you are now pretty much only buying sale items, so the $100 a week you used to spend on 50 different things is now more like $50 on multiples of a few items that are on sale or clearance.  Because you have a nicely stocked pantry you can still put a balanced meal together.

You can do this with any item, canned veggies, flour & sugar, coffee, etc. Even one extra will help you to save money in the future because prices will go up and you are buying at a discount today.  Don't be afraid to check out the dollar stores in your area.  I buy a lot of canned goods and fruit juices as
well as cat food at Dollar General, Dollar Tree sometimes has great deals on canned items.  Many of the chain dollar stores take coupons too.  A 13 pound bag of cat food at $8.99 is already less than Walmart, take off the 75¢ coupon I had and I now have a great deal.

Though I rarely use coupons, I have gotten some on Ebay, like for the cat food.  I paid $1.75 for 20 coupons and I bought cat food to stock up for almost a year.  There are many sites online where you can print out coupons for items you like though some stores will limit how many you can use and some
will not take them at all.

One last thing, you can save the most money by cooking at home rather than eating out.  I love eating out, but if I choose to eat good food and not fast food I have to limit how often I eat out, that means cooking at home most of the time and taking my lunch to work.  And I don't have to deal with lunch time traffic!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

More Journals & Rosaries to Sell ~ Nothing Bought to Make Them

Here are photos of the new journals I've made along with some new rosaries.  And the best part is that I bought nothing in order to make them.  Recycling at it's best use!
No extra frills on these, just lined pages and sometimes signature covers.

This rosary is made of clay beads with brass accent beads.  The ridges feel nice as your fingers move over them.  
All the beads are made of stone in varying shades of blue.
My favorite so far, red stones 
including the cross to which I glued metal crosses on each side, the large beads are vintage lucite.  I think it gives it a byzantine style.

All are for sale on my various Ebay stores, soon on Etsy & Poshmark, check my links in the sidebar if you are interested or send me an email.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Economizing Measures ~ Thrift Store Buying

I have written before about buying things you need from thrift shops like Goodwill, Salvation Army and a myriad of others you may have in your local area.  I thought I would bring up the subject again just as a reminder to those of you who don't usually shop these goldmines or have never thought of it.  I'd also like to clear up some confusion some folks have about these shops.

The items in charity thrift shops are usually donated by local people when they declutter or clear out after someone has passed away.  Sometimes local stores donate unsold items that are brand new with tags still on them.  A local motel donates used but very serviceable sheets to one of my nearby stores.  What I am trying to show is that it is not all junk no one wants or worn out clothes only fit for rags. 

Items I have gotten include 2 beautiful jackets nearly new for $17 that I am positive would have $75 or more each retail,  2 new corner shelves for a kitchen redo for $1 each, brand new books with the dust jacket in pristine condition for $1 each, peruvian wool yarn, enough to make a sweater for $5, a stack of about 20 or so cross stitch patterns to resell, some brand new, a box full of evenweave linen in various colors for cross-stitching, some still marked at $20-50 per piece and I paid $20 for the box full.  Several 
really nice shirts at $3 each and a vintage basket to keep my knitting in for $5.

Think about what you need and before you go off to the local department store or big box store, check the thrift shops first.  You may not always find what you need but sometimes you do and always at a rock bottom price.
One blogger I like to read set out to not buy anything new for an entire year and they are still mostly living this lifestyle.  They have discovered the joy of the hunt, the mystery of what can I do with this?, the satisfaction that they are reusing something that might have ended up in the landfill and the blessings 
that come from giving your money to a charity that uses it to help other people or animals.

Why not try your local charity shops this week.  You may be able to cut your Christmas present budget and not use that credit card, you can feel good about where the money went, you can even use it as a tax write off!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

More Journals, I'm On A Roll

I have 3 more journals completed and up for sale.  I'm trying to make a nice amount of them in various colors and sizes.  And for the most part will try to keep them a bit plain - as in no extra frills, especially on the inside.  This is to keep the cost down.  Journals are something I tend to sell when people are looking for a handmade gift and with Christmas coming up sooner than we'd like.... well, there you go.
A nice floral with a vintage book page on the front.
Vintage looking endpapers and signature covers, the bulk is plain lined pages.
One for the younger girls, though it might make a great recipe book.
Again mostly lined pages with signature covers and an envelope pocket on the back of each signature.
Signatures are what the sets of pages are called, each signature is hand sewn to the spine.
My favorite, I gussied it up with a beaded spine and a bit of lace.
Pretty signature covers with vintage book illustrations with a letter theme.
All are now available in my various online stores, see links in the side bar.
I have 4 more ready for photos and 2 more started.  Having the recycled book covers already covered in fabric from my bin makes this go a bit faster.

Most everything I'm using is recycled.  The book covers from books I got free or cheap and have read, fabric I had, scrapbook paper I picked up are thrift stores for very little, book illustrations from a free book, embroidery thread odds & ends from the thrift store or given to me, beads & trim I have had forever.  All I have bought so far has been mod podge & tacky glue.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

How I Make My Living Without A Regular Job

For those that don't know, the only income I have is from my online stores. I use 3 platforms in order to reach different audiences. I don't like to spam my friends and readers with posts of things for sale and usually only post new items I've made myself.  In this post I am giving links to all my online stores and I am adding them to the sidebar.

You are always welcome to contact me privately by going to the view profile page and sending me an email if you find anything you would like and want to make me an offer. Without having to pay fees, I am better able to take reasonable offers. For those that would rather buy though a platform, Ebay will have the best pricing though those store will not have everything listed, the other options are your choice.

I have been on Ebay since 2001 and worked for 4 years doing Ebay selling for a retail store. Just so you know that I know what I'm doing, LOL.
Thank you to all my readers for following me even though I post sporadically at times.

Ebay nanasvintageattic  is where you will find all sorts of vintage items as well as other things that cross over from the other platforms. 

Ebay angelasjewelbox  click the see all items link to see everything in this store. Mostly handmade jewelry crossed over from the other platforms as a better price.

Ebay lady.ha_34  https://www.ebay.com/usr/lady.ha_34  is where you will find clothing only and all items are $9.99. Crossovers from Poshmark as a reduced price.

Etsy angelasjewelbox is where you will find all the Christian jewelry, most handmade pieces and a few other items. 

Poshmark angelasjewelbox is where you will find all the clothing, accessories, almost all the jewelry, handmade & otherwise and a few home goods. Poshmark has the highest prices because they charge a 20% fee on sales, they also charge a flat $6.95 priority shipping fee to the customer.

Hallowe'en is Coming! Goth Journal

I've been working on 2 goth / Hallowe'en journals, really more like scrapbooks for someone to add in their own mementos, drawings &...