Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Finished T-Shirt Rag Rug

It's finished!
Very colorful, slightly wonky but functional rag runner rug.  As you can see, we have a concrete floor and it is cold during the winter, this rug helps a lot.

My big mistake, which is probably common for new weavers, was I pulled the t-shirt weft material too tightly.  The side bars on the loom helped but didn't solve the problem.  What should have been a 3' x 6' rug turned out to be 2.5' x 6', which is ok.  Now I know better how to handle the material.  Another issue was some of the fabric was polyester rather than cotton and thinner so I doubled the thickness to make it even out.  I won't be using the polyester stuff even if it is free again.  
I am glad this rug is not too heavy, it will also fit in the washer nicely. 

As for the loom, I will be adding more screw eyes to hold the side bars to keep it from bowing, but not pulling my fabric too tight should also help.  I will also add another screw to each side on top & bottom so I don't have as wide a piece with no warp on each side.

All in all it was a great learning experience and I'll be making more rugs as I have time.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Making a Rag Rug

After perusing Pinterest for ideas on making a rug loom, I came up with this simple design to make rugs in the size I wanted.  Approximately 3' x 6'.  I use 2x2x8s, 2" wide inside corner brackets to hold it together securely, 2 1/2" screws to string the warp on, and 2 rigid garden stakes held in place with large screw eyes to keep the sides of the rug from curving inward.
As you can see I was not entirely successful in keeping the sides straight.  I will be adding more screw eyes to the sides.  The garden stakes are a rigid plastic and a lot more affordable and light weight than anything else I looked at. 
The fabric is from t-shirts cut into 1" wide strips.  I recycled some of my own that needed to be made into rags or thrown out and I bought a bag full at our local thrift shop to get more colors.  I think I can make quite a few of these with the shirts and strips I have.  For the warp I used cotton yarn. 
 So far I am quite pleased with it, even with the slight wonkiness.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Remember the Importance of the Christmas Season

The Christmas Season
However you view it, however you celebrate it or even if you don't.  Remember the importance of the season.
Love of and for the creator of all.
Love of your family, friends and neighbors.
Hold close, even if in memory, the the loved ones you have.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Handbag Handle Repair

This is a Tommy Hilfiger purse I got for free.  Though the purse is in great condition, the faux leather handles were actually peeling.  Sad that they use inferior materials on what is otherwise a nice handbag.
So here is my repair!
There is a grosgrain ribbon in dark red & blue on the bag and I found some dark red grosgrain ribbon to match.  I just covered the handles and hand stitched the covers with matching quilt thread.
I did have to use 2 pieces as the ribbon was not quite wide enough to go all the way around.  But I think it turned out pretty nice looking and will certainly last longer than the cheap faux leather.  It is weird because no other faux leather area is damaged and it was peeling, it had not gotten chewed by a dog.
$1.97 for the ribbon at Walmart and a bit of time.  Another great recycling project!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

New Bracelets I Made, Outside My Comfort Zone!

I lucked onto some boxes of beads at a yard sale.  A lot of them were larger than the beads I usually go for so it pushed me to try new things.  After perusing Pinterest ideas for a week these are what I came up with.
This 1st one has wrapped strands.
These were simpler but just as pretty.  You can twist them for somewhat the same effect as the 1st one.
They'll be going up for sale in my Poshmark closet in a day or so.
I hope someone likes them!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Finished Rag Bags

My handmade rag bags, recycling scrap fabric.  I've gotten several made and finished this week.
Pretty red one. \/
The very first, I made it in stripes. \/
China plate blue, my favorite. \/
Multi color shoulder bag.\/
Aqua with pink accents.\/
The bottoms are woven on the knitting loom...
8.5" across.  Makes a nice purse bottom, but did not work when I tried to make a bowl, because of the lump in the center.
The insides are lined with at least 3 pockets.  The closure is a large, heavy duty snap.
These are slowly going up for sale in my Poshmark closet and will also be in my Ebay store.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

More Recycled Rag Bags

I worked on more rag bags this week.
I made this multi-color one with a shoulder strap.
And Mom requested one with all kinds of colors.  Still need to see what kind of strap she wants.
And I still need to create linings with pockets for all.
I also have a red one started on the loom.

Finished T-Shirt Rag Rug

It's finished! Very colorful, slightly wonky but functional rag runner rug.  As you can see, we have a concrete floor and it is col...