Monday, May 25, 2020

Completed Repaired Quilt

I finished the quilt repair and here are the final photos.
The replacement fabrics in this photo are the yellow and the pink floral just above Elma's name.
In this photo you can see the quilt is twin sized.  I replaced 14 of the original triangle pieces.  One was not really bad enough but the original maker had matched the fabric on facing squares so I followed that pattern.
I left the original fabric below the appliqued new pieces and tried to match the colorations as best I could.  The backing was in wonderful condition so when I did the quilting on the new pieces I only sewed through the top and the batting, not going all the way through the back.  That way the original quilting is still there and the new pieces are still quilted in the same pattern as the old.  On a few places all I needed to to was to insert a tiny piece of fabric and do a buttonhole stitch around the hole.
The owner was very happy with it!

Monday, May 18, 2020

Repairing An Antique Quilt

My upstairs neighbor asked if I knew how to fix an old quilt that her grandmother made.  
As you can see, some of the fabrics are in shreds with the cotton batting poking out.
I explained how I repair quilts, I applique over the damaged area, leaving the original fabric for posterity, then requilt following the same stitching.
The polka dot fabric is a piece of the new fabric.  I usually use the wrong side out so that the colors are not so bright that it looks odd.  I can rarely find fabrics in the right tint to match old and faded colors.
I like how the strips between the clover shaped squares have embroidered signatures and quite a few have year dates.  The earliest is this one from 1934 and the others are dated through 1937.
I love quilts like these, true treasures and so worth saving for future generations no matter how bad the condition is.  
I'll post next week when I am finished with the quilting and will try to get a shot of the full quilt, it's a twin size.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

A Few More Buildings for the Train Layout

I made some more buildings for the train layout, this time a portion of a town backed up to what will be the side of a mountain.
Just ignore all the cardboard stuff, everything is still in the planning stage as far as topography.
The base is a piece of cardboard and I covered it with felt and used some craft paint to vary the color.
Here's another angle.  I used some old track that I cut apart and glued down for the wood sidewalks, and painted it gray for weathering.  The detail on these paper buildings is great.

I did do a little kit bashing to make it work for what I wanted and I add cereal box pasteboard to the insides for stability as these are printed on cardstock.

I will be adding some real rocks and weedy bushes at some point, it will make it look more real.  And we definitely need to start adding some model people.  For scale, the large buildings are 1.5" x 3.5".  The printed paper is much easier on my eyes that scratch built buildings.

And if anyone is looking for N scale or Z scale models, here is the link to the Etsy store: CustomZScales

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

A New Station Office for the Train Layout

I ordered some pre-printed buildings for the man's train layout.  I really like how they go together and the printing on the cardstock is excellent.
He opted to use this 1st one I built as a station office and put it next to the 2 story warehouse I built from scratch.
The warehouse looks huge next to the little office but the top of the train fits just under the roof when it goes by.
That's his new engine, still has some of the packing in place - the white stuff.
And the caboose!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Upcycled Tote Bag

I've been doing a lot of reading the past few weeks with some small clothing repairs thrown in, all hand sewing as I have no machine at this time.  Then I came up with this project....
This started out as a an old Trader Joe's bag that someone was going to throw out.  It was still sturdy but looked really tacky with the printing on the outside peeling off.
I had a bag of scraps someone was getting rid of so I cut 5" squares and made strips of 6 squares.  I covered the handles and started sewing the strips to the bag in a diagonal line.  Then I covered the bottom and used 1 row to line the inside top.
I also added a pocket inside with leftover squares.
A very sturdy tote bag to carry stuff for our Thursday craft nights, whenever they resume.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Blessed Easter to All

I am Orthodox so today is my Palm Sunday, but I know millions are celebrating Easter today.

When I did a google search for images of Easter I got several pages of eggs & bunnies.  They are pretty and cute, but I thought I would post images to remind us of the reason for celebrating Easter.

May everyone have a blessed Easter, or Palm Sunday as the case may be.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Miniatures for the Train Layout

I've made a couple of items for the man's N scale train layout.
This one is a warehouse for offloading items.  Made with cereal box cardboard and covered in cardstock that is colored with prismacolors, the photo is not great, it is drawn with a tiny brick grid.  The double doors show one partially opened on this side, the other side they are closed.  The roof is cereal box too but just painted with silver & brown acrylic craft paint.  The shape of the roof is like some buildings here in CO, made so the snow falls off easily.

This is an old time passenger car.  The basic shape the man cut out of styrofoam.  I refined it by sanding with a nail file and added the top window portion they used back then.  Painted with silver acrylic and detailed with black sharpie.  The sides are cardstock cut to fit and colored with prismacolors.  He added the wheels.  It sits next to a 3 story hotel that used to be in this town - the RR actually ran beside it in order to let passengers board and unboard.  As you can see he's trying out things for landscaping.

Completed Repaired Quilt

I finished the quilt repair and here are the final photos. The replacement fabrics in this photo are the yellow and the pink floral jus...