Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I Made Knitted Sock Slippers...Easy Peasy!

I finally did some stitching......errr knitting!
These are easy peasy sock slippers, knitted in one piece and sewed up the front and back, and all in garter stitch.

I used some chunky gray yarn because I will wear these with my sandals this winter.  I can't wear shoes with toes unless they are really wide at the toe and the ones I have are not warm.  But these are really cozy and the gray looks good with my black sandals.  

I may make another pair in a different color depending on what our Walmart has.  I think there were 5 colors of this chunky yarn, thankfully they were all earthy colors.  With this type yarn I used 1 skein per sock with a bit left over.

I used a pattern I found online but had to alter it to use the chunky yarn.  It was not hard since most of this is done to measurements rather than stitches or rows.  They were made over 2 evenings.

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