Tuesday, December 13, 2016

We Made a Big Change in Christmas Traditions

Yes, we made a big change in our plans and traditions for Christmas, one that will probably stay.
We are not exchanging gifts.
Nope, no shopping, no wrapping, no stressing.  We are all adults aged 58 and older.  We don't need anything.  We don't have much money to be able to spend.  It's too hard for Mom to go shopping anyway.

So we are just getting together for a nice dinner at our house, relaxing conversation and maybe a nap for those inclined.
I have to say that it feels really weird to not be shopping or making presents.  But I sure enjoy the no stress part of it.

The only one in our small family getting a gift is my nephew in the Air Force.  His mom and I have been giving him photo collages of the military people in the family.  This year is my last person, my mom's father who served in WWI.
The oval photo and the buttons and pin on the left are from WWI, the 2 photos and buttons on the right are from WWII when he served on the fire and police force at Oak Ridge, TN where they made parts of the Atom Bomb, as well as his service in the TN State Guard.
The flag belonged to Papa and is literally shredding so I felt preserving it in this collage was appropriate.  One item not in this photo is his WWI compass which will hang on the tiny map pin next to the AEF (American Expeditionary Forces) ring.

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Darla Mae said...

I love the look of your blog, so pretty!

I think what you are doing for your nephew is such a great idea. For him to have that family history put together like this must be so touching for him...and all of you, too. Beautiful job!

We have cut back this year and are just buying for the children. We will have dinner and presents for them after Christmas this year.


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