Tuesday, November 1, 2016

More Progress on the Bible Cover

Since the ribbon I ordered was all wrong, I decided to try a 1/8 inch red ribbon as a border for the spine of the cover and I believe it worked brilliantly.
Here's a closeup.

I don't think I will add anything more for the spine.  I'm thinking about trying it for the front of the cover, accented with a couple rows of embroidery.  Either the red ribbon with purple and gold embroidery or purple ribbon with red and gold embroidery.  That's if I could find some purple ribbon in the right width and color.  
And I still need to do the red embroidery around the edge of the back of the cover.  It's to cover any raw edges like at the corners and to give it a more finished look that is consistent.  It would be narrow like 1 or 2 rows of a stem stitch, same as I would do on the front.

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