Friday, November 4, 2016

It Wasn't Really IBS

For many years I thought I had IBS, irritable bowel syndrome.  I had looked at reputable sites on the internet and read about symptoms, I read a lot at a support group for IBS and learned about trigger foods.  And I sounded like a text book case.

I could not eat eggs, lettuce, corn, okra, tomato skin or milk and milk products.  If I did I ended up with bloating, really bad stomach cramps and diarrhea.  All typical symptoms of most people with IBS.

So I avoided all those foods even though I had eaten them when I was younger with no problems.  Years have gone by where I could not eat some of my favorite things.  That's a real bummer.

Then this past Easter I made deviled eggs (a favorite) with eggs from my friend's chickens.  I ate 3 halves knowing I would pay for it later.  But I never had even a twinge in my gut.  What just happened?  And how and why?

Well the chickens are free range birds and are fed a totally organic, non GMO diet.  You would not believe how dark yellow those egg yolks are.  I experimented again later on by eating 4 halves of deviled eggs....absolutely no problems.

Next I tried corn, we bought some organic corn on the cob which was a little pricey, but I ate a whole ear with no aches or cramps or being up all night.  So I tried canned organic corn, no problems again, even when I ate a whole cup of it.  Same result with frozen organic corn.

I grew lots of tomatoes this year, from organic seed, and have had no issues no matter how many I eat raw.  

It used to be just iceberg lettuce that irritated my gut, but then I started having issues with romaine and other types too.  Until we bought organic lettuces.  Now I can eat salads again.
My conclusion is that it was not IBS but a reaction to the GMO food sources and the pesticides and herbicides used on the food.  I believed that GMO food was not good for us, how can chemicals never meant to be in food be good for us?  And maybe for some people they will never cause an issue, but if so then why are there so many more people with gut issue diseases now?  Every other commercial touts a new drug for IBS, Crohn's or any of a number of gut diseases.  And the side effects of those drugs are horrible, mostly they destroy your kidneys & liver.

I learned a lot about gut health from a doctor in my hometown in MI.  He has some wonderful YouTube videos that explain what causes some diseases and how to cure them with your diet.  The truth is that we are slowly being poisoned by big ag's and big pharma's attempts to make more money.  

Check out some of the DBCnaturalhealth videos and see what you think.


Terra Hangen said...

How wonderful you are having great results from eating organic eggs and produce. So it sounds like you did not have IBS, it was a reaction to chemicals. I can tell you are enjoying deviled eggs and salads again. Next spring you can grow more tomatoes and plant lots of lettuce too.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Very interesting post! Thanks for sharing your story. I'm checking out the you-tube link you gave.

Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

Darla Mae said...

Between what has been done to our food and what has been done to our healthcare, we could go on for hours and just scratch the surface. I would love to live near that medical group, they sound fantastic. I won't start on how awful it is where I live. I will give you a quick example, tho.
My daughter has been having problems with her periods. She is 36. She was bleeding for two and three weeks a month for about 6-9 months. There are lots of other symptoms, too many to write here, that clearly show a hormone or "female" problem. She went to her family doctor and she prescribed an anti-depressant! What! My daughter no longer goes to that doctor. She is now seeing another doctor who suspects endometriosis.

Our food system has become just as bad. Why we can't get a labeling law passed to let us know which foods have GMO's is beyond me. Studies show that 90% of Americans want to know if their food has Gmo's, but yet big Ag's and Pharma's block it every time.
But we consumers can vote with our dollars and buy only organic or local. And we can grow some of our own food. Also, call or write and let companies know you are not going to buy their product anymore because of how it's grown. We have the power and need to take it back. Our lives literally depend upon it.

Whew! Stepping down off my box now. lol I am glad that using organic made a difference for you. I am going to try it for my trigger foods, too.


ladyhawthorne said...

Darlene, my periods were just like your daughter's the whole time I had them. I started through menopause about 15 years ago, even had a whole year with no periods but at this point I still have spotting although thankfully no pain. It's just annoying. When I was a teenager a doctor wanted to put me on birth control pills to straighten it out....I didn't.

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