Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Winter Socks Completed as Spring Arrives

At long last I completed the winter socks.
Not being able to deal with double pointed knitting needles, I experimented with using regular needles and knitted these flat from the top down.
I decreased each side as I got to the toe area.

I was also using up scraps of thick yarn so that's why the center is a pale lavender color.  They are stitched with extra yarn across the toes and up the top center so there is a slight ridge there. 

They fit much like a high top slipper and are very soft and very warm.  That was the goal.  It will work making these this way but I have since learned about using the 'magic loop'.  This is where you use circular needles and just pull the thin part of the circle into a loop as you knit in a circle for the sock.  If I make any more I will have to try it.

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