Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Bible Journaling - Torn Corner Repair

This week I would like to show you a page repair.

The corner of this page got damaged and tore off.  I was looking through my stash of photo corner stickers and found this large one.  It is white with gold metallic edging and all the little areas are cut outs.  

This set had matching opposite corners so I could place one on the other side of the page and not have any sticky areas that would have created a problem and at the same time it reinforced the corner.

You could use most any kind of corner sticker to reinforce a page corner but if it is torn away you need to have the opposite matching stickers or perhaps 2 stickers the same size and shape.  Another option might be to use washi tape in a diagonal on both sides of the damaged corner.

For the book title of Exodus I expanded the original printed letters with an Art Nouveau look, then outlined with black ink and filled in using a silver metallic pen. 

As with most everything it was an experiment.

1 comment:

Mum said...

What a clever idea. Great job.

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