Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Bible Journaling - Learning When Not to Use Gesso

I tried something new.  I bought some Art Basics clear matte gesso and wanted to try it out.  
I had used a cut to size piece of white labeling to cover the printed book title and used silver stick on letters.   I thought I might watercolor the page so I covered it in the gesso.
It worked fine except over the silver letters.  You can see the gesso where I applied it with a sponge brush.  And yes that is a small cat hair that managed to find its way onto and into the gesso.  Just part of life here.
I tried going over it with a silver gel pen and smudged part it with my finger.  Deciding to see what smudging the whole thing looked like didn't make me very happy.
In the end I used a damp cotton swab to remove the gel pen, smudges and all and it also cleaned the gesso off the slick silver letters.  Yay!

Prismacolor pencil in a spring green was added.  I am planning to play with watercolors to see how that looks with the gesso and works with the prismacolor.

I was not totally happy with the texture of the gesso on the page but have since seen a video where the artist uses a regular brush instead of a sponge brush and brushes it on in every direction strokes and I will try that next time.

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