Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My Baby Tomato Plants are Growing!

"Okay", you say.  "What's the big deal about growing tomato plants?"

Well, you see this is the very first time I got really good results from planting seeds!

I started with 3 seeds in each jiffy pellet and they all germinated for the first time ever.  So I had to thin down to one plant and then as they grew I had to plant the pellets in larger pots.  All were happy except one Ol Timey Yellow tomato-that's the empty pot you see.

From the left I have 3 wild Texas tomatoes, 2 Ol Timey Yellows, 3 Mexican Calabash and 3 Arkansas Travelers.

I am not sure where I will put them all, I may need more beds.  I plan to grow them like my friend Mikey does.  He lets them grow naturally, sprawling on the straw covered ground wherever they want to go and he has great yields.  I have 2 4x4 beds and a 3 x 8 bed that is raised.  The other 2 raised beds are spoken for.

I already have potatoes planted in one raised bed and the 2nd will get green beans.  I plan to plant melons and cucumbers in pots to grow on the fence, they did well last year that way.  

In addition, I purchased 2 thornless blackberries with a gift card I received.  Those need to get planted this week, they are leafing out already.  And my 2 peach trees are in bloom!

More updates later!

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