Tuesday, February 2, 2016

One Sock Done, Half of Another To Go

I finally managed to get one sock finished.
This was knitted in a rectangle that I tapered just a bit as I got to the toe at the bottom.  You can see my seam running up the center.
I'm happy to report it does fit nicely.  The yarn is a bulky one and it stretches easily to put the sock on.
It was scrap yarn so I added the pale stripe in the middle to make sure I had enough.  And yes, I have Fred Flintstone feet, short and wide with no visible ankles.

The sock is soft & warm, just what I wanted.  Next time I decide to try socks I will try the magic loop method of using a circular pair of needles and pulling the center into a loop when it gets tight.  I'm just too OCD for double pointed needles.

The second sock is done from the top through the pale stripe, I only need to knit the bottom toe part.  Maybe I can get it done before Spring arrives.  Of course the last 2 days felt like Spring as it was 82 degrees.

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Darla Mae said...

Congratulations! I think that is great. I have never made a sock, so I am in awe. I do like the colors of the yarn. It looks like it would be a very soft and comfy yarn. I hope you make many more pairs to keep your feet toasty warm in the Winter.


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