Friday, February 5, 2016

How to Use Duct Tape to Repair a Book Spine

The spine on my bible was really needing some repair before it became a big problem.
It was really starting to crack and pieces had come off already.  

I was at Dollar Tree today and found this!
Pretty Duct Tape
I put one strip down the center with enough to tuck the ends inside the spine.  Then one piece on each side.
You can see where I tucked it inside the spine and on the outside pieces I clipped the tape where part was tucked inside and part was just laid down inside the cover.

I have an embroidered cover I made many years ago so normally the tape will not show.  But for now while the cover is off because it needs to be cleaned, this is bright & cheerful as well as functional.

You could use this method for pretty much any hardback book spine.  If you have a valuable book I would suggest letting an expert repair it.

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