Saturday, December 12, 2015

How To Make A Cone Christmas Tree #7

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For tree 7 I chose the purple sparkly paper and used the same method as laid out for tree 6.  The base is the other toilet paper holder bar like I used for tree 2.
Since I make jewelry I have a huge stash including chain,  I chose this gold chain to use as garland and gold & silver jingle bells for ornaments.  The bells were purchased last year at Walmart for a present project and were pretty cheap.  You could always used old or broken necklaces of any kind, faux pearls would look pretty!

I hot glued the foamboard disc into the cone and made sure very quickly that it was straight.  Then I added hot glue drops along the bottom, one at a time and pressed the chain into the glue.  Wet your finger and you won't get burned.
Once I got all the way around the bottom I started angling up with the chain garland.  Lastly I hot glued the bells on, alternating silver & gold ones.

This may be my favorite, but then purple is my favorite color.

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