Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Curl Your Hair Without Products or Heat

First off I apologize for no photos of my actual hair, I can't seem to take a decent selfie.  
I have hair just past my shoulders and it has a slight wave to it but I have never been able to have curly hair (without a perm) that lasted more than a couple of hours.  Now I can!
I found packages of these at my local Dollar Tree.  They are 5 3/4" long and 5/8" in diameter, made of foam like the pool noodles and inside is a coated wire.

I bought 3 packages and didn't need all of them.  I had washed my hair and let it dry to a very damp condition.  Then I rolled it up as per the directions, in small sections rolled under.  
Then you bend the noodle like this with the ends on top.  Yes it actually stays.  I then slept in them and in the morning I had the best curls I ever had, even nicer than when I have had perms.  
You can see what's inside here.
Even better than the curls I woke up to was that they lasted all day.  And the next day I had really nice waves that made my hair look thicker.

I did not use heat, gel or mousse, just damp hair rolled in these noodles overnight.
It was not uncomfortable to me, as I rolled my hair I brought the back sections forward, as I sleep on my back.  But they are not hard so with a good pillow I think anyone could sleep in them.  

I have no idea what a different type hair will do.  I would assume longer hair would not work as well unless you just wanted the ends curled as too thick of hair rolled up will not dry, trust me, I have had waist length hair most of my life and just recently cut it.

I had previously tried using a mousse and a curling iron with the usual results of half-hearted curls that lasted only a couple of hours.  The noodles were easier and faster to put in, no standing with my arms in the air for 45 minutes.

I'm pretty pleased with them and consider the $3 investment well worth having spent it.

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Terra said...

This sounds like an ideal find for you.

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