Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday Bible Journaling - Illuminated Manuscript Flowering Vine

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A departure from the swirls on this page, I was inspired by some illuminated manuscripts and did a simple flowering vine.  

The vine was sketched out first and then the flowers were added.  The vine is done with a gold metallic pen, the flowers outlined in regular ball point pen and colored with prismacolor pencil.  I usually sketch lightly in pencil before going over it with anything else.  That way any mistakes can easily be erased.  

These are my tools of choice.  A good pencil (the finer the better), a Pentel Clic Eraser (because it's white and lasts a long time), and my first choice in a pen, any color you like of Pilot BP-S Fine.  This one is blue, they have black, red, greed, and have had purple also.  This pen gives a nice clean, thin line which is especially good for making notes in the margins.

I usually worked on these pages during church and so needed to be quiet.  I made a roll up pencil holder out of fabric and elastic that worked well for many years.  
There's this one I found through Pinterest made of felt and it is very similar.

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Mum said...

I'm really enjoying your Bible journalling posts and admire your skill and creativity.

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