Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Bible Journaling - Purple Swirls on a Black Background

More rather boring pages that I made worth looking at.  

Again, the swirls outlined in pen, usually purple.  Purple is my favorite color in case you couldn't tell.  Prismacolor pencils blended for shading.  This double page is one of my favorites.  

You can see how I used the straight lines at the top of the pages as part of the design and I filled in the empty spaces.  The top page has a gold metallic border and the bottom pages are bordered in black ink.  The black ink is the old fashioned kind that comes in a bottle and was applied with a small brush.  Using a light hand it did not bleed through.

There are lots of metallic pens out there, try them to see what might work best on your paper.  Even on this thicker paper I would not recommend the regular permanent markers as they bleed through too much.  

I am finding there are a lot of new markers, paints and inks that work and don't bleed through, do a search and you will find a plethora.


Judy S. said...

Looks like fun! And very pretty also.

Terra said...

This is so beautiful with its purple swirls. Calls to mind the monks and the ancient illuminated Bibles.

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