Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Summer Cross Stitch is Done

We had some rainy days, thank the Lord, so I was able to finish the Summer square on my embroidery piece.
As with the other squares there is some embroidery that will have long stitches and I will wait until I am done with all four seasons to complete that part so the stitches do not get pulled.  On this square there are some vines and the bee wings to be added.
Seeing the whole thing from a bit of a distance I believe the red flowers are cosmos, not poppies as I originally thought.

I found these patterns on Pinterest and the images are not the best to work from but free fits my budget perfectly.  

When I don't have the color it calls it calls for I am improvising and using something close that I already have.  I have 5 boxes of DMC threads, I need to be using it and not buying more.  

Years ago I had a few skeins and then bought a starter pack of DMC threads that were smaller than a whole skein.  Then I bought colors I needed as time went by.  A friend gave me her 3 boxes of thread when she could no longer do embroidery and I always pick up baggies full I find at thrift shops.  Black & white seem to be the main colors I actually buy at the store though I did pick up 2 others for this piece that were different than anything I had.

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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

You have a LOT of patience to do counted cross stitch. I love these three scenes and know the next one will be just as lovely.

Happy Stitching ~ FlowerLady

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