Monday, December 22, 2014

Make Your Own Fruit Picker for Cheap

I needed a Christmas present for a gardening friend that has fruit trees.  Then I found several photos on Pinterest of home made fruit pickers like this one.  Perfect!

You  will need a handle, an old broomstick would do but we didn't have any so I picked up a new handle for $6 at the hardware store.  It already had the perfectly tapered end making this very easy.

Next you will need a 2 liter bottle that is washed out and had the label removed.  You do want to see the fruit as you pick it.
Then you need to mark your cutting area, I used a sharpie.  Basically a rectangular rounded hole with a little modification on the top (bottom of the bottle).
This cut between the bumps on the bottom of the bottle is the important one.  You want to be able to catch the stem of the fruit in the groove area and pull down so the fruit drops into the bottle.  It may need a little refining but we will have to wait for harvest time next year to see.  I can cut a deeper groove if need be.

To cut the hole a soldering iron was used.  This makes it really easy as it also kind of rolls the edges so you don't have any sharp edges.  You could also use a craft knife and tape the edges using 1" widths of duct tape or gorilla tape, that was my second option if the soldering iron did not work well.  Since I did not use tape I sanded a couple rough areas on the melted edges using a nail file.  Don't laugh, they are cheap and easy to use in small spaces.
Then put the bottle on the handle and get it straight.  Drill 3 holes through the plastic and into the wood and put in 3 screws of your choice.  I used short screws from Dad's screw jar, it's like going on a treasure hunt.

Tada!  You're done!

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1st Man said...

That is just brilliant!!! I love it! We don't have tall trees and lots of fruit yet, but that day will come eventually. Thank you for sharing this!!

Linda said...

I actually bought one that has a two-piece handle, making my reach 17'. However, if I had to pick fruit low enough, the one you made would be a great one. yes, mine was way too expensive. I get mop and broom handles from the roadside or piles at garbage day.

ladyhawthorne said...

Thanks for visiting! This one will work for my friend's trees as he keeps them pruned short. Sadly our trash service requires everything be in a bag, but I do check dumpsters sometimes. Lots of free cardboard in them!

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