Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I Made A Harvest Apron!

This was a Christmas present and I forgot to take a photo until after it was given, so meet my gardener friend and his new harvesting apron.
I jokingly said I should have made it in plaid and he would have looked like he was wearing a kilt!

It's made from hard wearing cotton duck fabric in a color that won't show dirt too badly.  Basically you make a longish apron and fold it up with seams on the sides.  Add elastic to the front part to form the pouch and I added 2 big buttons to help hold the weight.  We will probably add a shoulder strap as well, he said he would probably wear it to one side so a strap will help keep it in place .

For the gardener's wife I made this Homeless Snowman.  I rather proud of it as I did not have to buy anything to make it!  In case you can't tell, the nose is 3D and sticks out of his face, the 'coal' is embroidery thread and his rosy cheeks are a little blush from Mom as I don't wear makeup.  I'm thinking I might make more of these and sell at a local craft show next year.

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