Saturday, December 20, 2014

Childhood Christmas Memories

Special Christmas memories of my childhood years around Grand Rapids, Michigan often lead to 3 department stores, Herpolsheimer's, Steketee's and Wurzburg's.  Those folks knew how to capture the magic for children.
Herpolsheimer's was always just called Herp's and they had a wonderful thing for children in the basement of the store.
Definitely something to remember.  Santa was there at the end of the ride.
All three stores had wonderful window displays, some with animated figures.
Steketee's displays were always the best and inside there was a special shopping area just for children called Santa's Secret Corner.  No adults allowed except for the sales lady to help you.
I couldn't find any Christmas photos of Wurzburg's so this will have to do.

I hope your Christmas memories are wonderful and that you make many more.

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