Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What Kind of Sugar are You Using?

Sugar is not just sugar.
Of course there are different types, white, light brown, dark brown, raw, etc.
But check out these 2 kinds I ran into at Walmart.
 This one in the white bag was $1.98 for 5 lbs.
This one in the blue bag was $2.18 for 4 lbs.

The blue bag sugar is clearly marked as CANE sugar, usually the only kind we get here in TX as this is where the sugar cane grows.  The white bag sugar was interesting.  If  you look at the ingredient list it says "Sugar", that's all, just sugar.  But sugar has to be made from something, either sugar cane or sugar beets.

A little search online told me the difference, the white bag sugar is a mix of cane and beet sugars, my guess is more beet than cane.  So why don't they label it as such?  And why is it so much cheaper?

Could it be they don't want us to know that it contains beet sugar?  And that commercial sugar beets are all GMO products now?  I don't know about you but I really don't want to eat pesticides if I don't have to.  

So I'll stick with the cane sugar, so far they have not needed to play with that genetically as weeds are not a problem with that crop.

And did you know you can make your own brown sugar by just adding molasses to white sugar?


Linda said...

I tell complete and total strangers that they are not buying cane sugar when I see them buying a bag that just says sugar. They don't know about beet sugar. Beets are Roundup ready. That means your beets have been sprayed with Roundup before being made into sugar. People are shocked and put the sugar down and buy cane sugar. Sometimes, I hold court in the grocery aisles and people have me repeat the information for the benefit of a spouse or friend who did not hear me.

People during the Depression used beet sugar, not a very good substitute, so they were happy when they could afford real sugar. I tell people in the store who are skeptical to talk to someone who lived through the Depression or read it on the internet.

I hate beets anyway, so this is no loss to me.

ladyhawthorne said...

But during the depression Roundup was not an issue. I grew up in MI and all we had was beet sugar in the stores. I do like cane sugar better as far as taste goes.

Lady Locust said...

I had to give myself a day to 'cool off' after reading this. I checked into the sugar I usually purchase which is somewhat local(White Satin.) Of course it is r-up ready beets aaaand they go so far as to have on their website a "give farmers the choice of modern technology" banner. It also claims "negative activists" and such language. I have never considered myself an activist. I just don't want to eat chemicals. We have already been growing, raising, producing, and preparing most of our food anyways, but this was maddening. We use honey for many things, but it is not recommended for such things as canning fruit. I will be experimenting regardless.
I want to thank you for posting this. We do need to alert each other as our media is owned my large manufactures so we will not be hearing it there. After reading this post, I went and bought Florida organic cane crystals. I might have the name a little out of order, but it is organic cane sugar. Had about half as much in my coffee this morning as I would put of 'other' sugar & it was good.
Again thank you.

Linda said...

Lady Locust,
I was stunned, too. However, I have never bought anything but Domino's. Neither did my mother. I am not so sure organic makes a difference because I don't trust the label or people who claim "organic."

It is all about more profit. So we should eat poison to make people wealth?

lotta joy said...

I've always wondered about the bags with CANE listed, versus the bags with no ingredient. I figured sugar was sugar. Now that I'm diabetic, Joe still eats sugar, so thank you for the info!

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