Friday, April 18, 2014

Local Thrifting Treasures

I stopped into one of 2 local thrift/resale shops we have here and found a couple of treasures.  This smiling sun is about to be painted in some cheerful colors and will be hung on the wall under the back porch light.  He's about 6" x 8" and made of plaster so I will probably use a sealer even though we don't get much rain here.  He was a whole dollar.
Then I spied this treasure.....
Yes it was only a dollar as well.  That's the Tower of London in the center.  I have red transfer-ware dishes with British castles on them and this little plate will look nice with them, I thought.  Then I flipped it over....
Yup, it's a Wedgwood piece!  I looked it up and this is the under-plate for a gravy boat, a complete set sells for over $40 on Ebay.  I have a red gravy boat and plate already so I won't need another, this piece will stay as it is, a little serving plate.  

I love bargains, don't you?

1 comment:

Suztats said...

I do! It feels so good to rescue treasures from someone else's 'trash'.

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