Saturday, January 4, 2014

Using Those Turkey Bones

Like most folks we had turkey for Thanksgiving and I saved all the bones, fat and skin and froze it.  If we had had another turkey for Christmas I would have saved those bones too and added them to the bag.  Chicken bones too.

What I do with them is to boil them, just drop them all in a big pot, frozen is ok, and add water.  Boil for several hours and you should get a lovely milky broth.  You can add vegetables for more flavor, I like onion, celery and carrot and garlic.  

Since we only had one turkey's bones I boiled it down to make just one batch of soup and this time did not add the vegetables only the garlic.  Once the broth was made I then added finely chopped veggies, assorted herbs like a little sage, parsley, etc. and some salt and pepper to taste.  Then I added a wild and brown rice mix and some chopped turkey meat I had canned.  

You could easily use chicken, you can add a couple of pieces to the original broth and just take off the meat, chop and add to the soup.  You could add potatoes or noodles instead of rice and you can add any other vegetables you like.

Those bones sure make a tasty broth!

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Rob said...

My wife (and her sister) save all kinds of soup stuff in the freezer, vegetable matter too.

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