Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Traditions

Do you like the cute pigs in my New Year's banner?  The tradition that pigs bring good luck -- especially at the New Year -- is apparently Teutonic in origin. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the image of a white pig (almost never a spotted, belted, or brown breed) is used as a lucky charm in Germany, Austria, England, and Ireland, as well as among Anglo-Americans.

Do you make New Year resolutions?  I never do.  I don't need the added stress of trying to keep any more promises or responsibilities much less resolutions.  I just do the best I can and it will have to do.

As for traditional New Year's food, we will have ham (those lucky pigs you know) and Mom will make cabbage (which I don't like.)  No one much likes black eyed peas so we are having pinto beans instead.

No partying for us, we are a quiet household.  I've gone to a few parties in the past but I prefer the comfort, warmth and safety of home.  Not to mention the luxuriousness of falling asleep in front of the TV cuddled in a quilt with a cat in my lap.

I'm hoping this new year brings many blessings to everyone!

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