Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Journey Through Time Quilt Update

My project for this year for the Tuesday Stitchers is a quilt.  I wrote about it a few months ago.  The quilt is a 'trip around the world' design of 2½" squares (2" when sewn) and all the patterned squares are different fabrics.
This is the graph I made, there are dark, light and off white squares making a diamond pattern.  I used a lot of charm packs for this but still cut a lot out too, including all the off white squares.  An Olfa knife makes quick work of it.
Over 2 days I sorted squares by color tone and arranged each row, then banded and numbered them.
I was going to sew them on the machine and hand quilt but I opted to hand sew the squares as well, a nice way to pass time in the evenings, especially while it has been so cold.

I began sewing the rows together once I had a few done and pressed and since a couple weeks before Christmas I now have 19 rows of the 46 completed.
Left side
Right side

I have yet to find somewhere where I can take a photo of the whole thing at once, you can see the double line down the center showing nicely.  

I played with the idea of doing photos of the women in the family but I have so few photos that I am now considering writing their names and birth/death dates in the off white squares.  All the unsung female members that held the family together over hundreds of years.  After more than 30 years of doing genealogy I have quite a few names.

I'm naming this quilt a Journey Through Time as many of the fabrics are reproductions from many generations and represent the patterns and colors my ancestresses would have known and used.

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Judy said...

That is a nifty idea with the names of the women in your family tree!

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