Thursday, August 8, 2013

Saint Jewelry in Progress

Here's a couple of photos of my latest jewelry for Saintly Images in progress.
This is a selection of images I chose to work with and they are in various stages of collage.

Now they look like this.
The collage work is finished and is sandwiched between the glass and the wood backing, secured in place with copper tape.  The next step will be to solder.  

I usually do a group as it is easier when it comes to the soldering.  As you can see I have removed a couple of the images I first started with as they just didn't have the pizzazz I wanted.  

Some of these will be pins with the option to wear as a necklace and some will be just necklaces.  Up to now I have made 2 sided necklaces but I really like the idea of the piece being a pin or a necklace.  You can still wear it 2 ways.  


Suztats said...

Really nice pendants/pins!

Judy S. said...

Very pretty, Angela!

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