Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Finished Madonna Pin/Pendant

Here's the newest group of saints after soldering.
The one at center bottom is actually finished as far as the pin/pendant part goes.
I tried out several types of beads and the faux pearls with the filigree gold plated beads seemed the prettiest to me.  It was quite fiddly but the size of the beads worked out perfectly.  
Here you can see my new method of making it a pin with the option of wearing it as a necklace if you run a small chain through the silver bead at the top. 

This pin/pendant will be going in a shrine box as the centerpiece.  So it will be a decor item as well as a wearable piece of art.

I'm pretty excited at how the new pieces are turning out.  Unfortunately the photos don't show the shadowbox effect that some have.  I need to work on the photography more.

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