Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How & Why to Wrap an Embroidery Hoop

I had very little time to actually embroider this past week.
But I did get about a half hour of stitching done on Nicholas' oranges ~ the golden orange color near the needle and proceeding to the left.

One other sewing item I accomplished was wrapping my embroidery hoop.  For some reason I could not find the one I usually use so I needed to wrap another.
(click on photos to enlarge)
Wrapping is done with any cotton fabric on the inside hoop.  Cut or tear a strip of cotton about 1/2" wide and start wrapping it in a spiral effect overlapping the wraps so the hoop does not show through.  You can add pieces easily by sewing them in place on the inside of the hoop, I actually used 3 pieces as I used scrap fabric.  
Once I wrapped it, I stitched in one direction all around the inside and then reversed direction giving it a cross stitch look.  This keeps the wrapping tightly in place.

Wondering why you should wrap your embroidery hoop?  It helps keep the fabric you're stitching on in place and keeps it from loosening.  You can wrap any kind of embroidery hoop but it is especially effective on the plastic hoops as they are so slippery.

And here's my amaryllis with 2 of 4 blooms open on the stalk.  This is an heirloom plant a friend gave me, I think it's name is Johnson and it has not been available for many years.  It's a more deep red than the photo 
shows but it was dark when I took the picture by car headlights.

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Deborah McLaughlin said...

I read about wrapping embroidery hoop a while back on another blog and have to admit, I'd never heard of it but it makes sense. Next time I use a hoop I will definitely do that. Lately I've not used one - the CQ and now this applique I'm doing. I admire the piece you're working on now very much. I used to do a lot of cross stitch and I really do love it but my eyes won't let me do much of it any more. That will be a beautiful piece!

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