Friday, April 26, 2013

Amber and Hematite for Arthritis?

I was reading some of the blogs I follow and a link led me to this blog.  She had an article on the healing properties of amber.  This was all news to me, I had no idea it was good for pain.
I do have arthritis and for the last month my left elbow has been really giving me a time of it.  Nothing I'd tried seemed to work, not even Aleve.  So I dug out my amber necklace seen in the photo above and put it on.  Then I remembered I used to wear a hematite anklet, until it broke, for my sciatica.  Hmmmm, on went the old thinking cap and into the boxes of beads I went.  
Last night I created this bracelet with unpolished amber chunks, magnetic hematite, quartz crystal and glass beads.  I put it on right away.  Then I even slept in both the necklace and bracelet.  

My elbow is usually not too bad in the morning as it has had time to rest.  I wore the necklace & bracelet all day.  The pain comes and goes in my elbow and at its worst (when I am trying to lift something) it's probably a 6 on a pain scale.  Mostly it did not hurt at all today and when it did, it was probably a 1½.  And I took no pain meds.  

The baltic amber has about 8% succinic acid which is absorbed by your skin and that's supposedly what does the trick.  The magnetic hematite is the kind you want, magnetics have been used for years to combat arthritis and to help heal broken bones.

I'm going to continue wearing the jewelry even though it doesn't really match my wardrobe.  If you try this be sure to wear the pieces next to your skin.  I'd be interested in knowing if any of you have used amber or hematite before or if you will now and what effects if any you got in the past or get in the future.


Debra Spincic said...

That's interesting--I have some amber I could wear. I may have to try this idea.

Suztats said...

Our daughter made an amber necklace for our granddaughter to help her through teething. It seemed to work. I hadn't heard of it being used for pain before then.

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