Saturday, September 22, 2012

Colored Bottles

I've been searching the thrift shops for canning jars nearly every weekend and not finding much, just one or 2 here or there.  However I have found some great bottles.
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A nice green gallon jug, a Watkins vanilla bottle, several blue gin bottles in various sizes, 2 bottles with caps, a square green bottle, a clear round one and then an antique green bottle, the larger one on the right. 
I'm a sucker for glass bottles and jars, the light just looks so pretty through them.  I remember Mom having glass bottles with colored water in them when I was a small child, maybe that's where my love of them comes from.
Most of these were $1 or less, the capped ones were $5 each and I can use them for some herbal vinegars.  I do wish they had left the caps on the gin bottles but I can always use them as vases or use a cork.
Do you like colored glass bottles too?

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