Sunday, September 16, 2012

Embroidered 9/11 History

No, not that kind of embroidered history, the kind in the photo below.
Pistil stitch is basically a french knot but with a long tail.  Since I like doing french knots, I also liked doing pistil stitch.  I believe it made for a pretty nice effect for Henry's Ruff.
The ruff is done with pearl cotton while everything else is 2 strands of cotton floss.
When I was doing the research for historical happenings for 9/11, beyond the one in all our minds, I found 2 other events for that date that linked all 3 together.

In 1609 Henry Hudson discovered what would becomes known as Manhattan Island.
In 1941 ground was broken for the construction of the Pentagon building.
And of course in 2001 both the Pentagon and the WTC on Manhattan Island were both attacked by terrorists.
Does anyone else find this odd?

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lotta joy said...

I can't say I find it odd, but I do love making french knots!

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