Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekend Canning Totals

Here's some of the canned goodness I put up this weekend.
I ended up with a 3 day weekend since Monday's jury duty was cancelled.  Not to waste the extra time off I got busy.  These jars still need to have the rings removed and be washed but I was too tired tonight, after all tomorrow is another day!
Totals for the weekend canning spree:
21 pints of salsa
5 half pints of bacon grease
8 pints of ham
7 pints of vegetable soup (leftovers in the fridge plus 1 jar of salsa added)
9 half pints of yellow wax beans with new potatoes

Do any of  you have one of these?
These cheap netting type splatter covers that you use in the microwave have a great new purpose!  They are perfect for straining oil or grease for reuse.  I used mine to strain the bacon grease and it did a superb job.  Just lay the cover slightly dipped in a 4 cup measuring cup and pour the grease in.  Fast & easy clean up too, a little dish soap and scrub it against itself and it's done!  They are about $3, found this picture of one on amazon so they are still available.


Wonderwoman said...

How are you processing the bacon grease?

ladyhawthorne said...

Thanks for visiting! You heat the bacon grease, have your hot jars ready (I simmer mine in water, but not on the inside of the jar), have your lids hot from simmering. I strained the grease and poured into the jars, put the lids on and set to cool. No other processing is necessary, they will keep at least a year, possibly longer, without refrigeration.

Wonderwoman said...

Wow. Thanks for this. Last fall I did exactly that with lard that I rendered without really knowing if I was doing the right thing. These were the kinds of things people just used to know how to do. Thanks for the info!

LannaM said...

I was also going to ask how you canned the bacon grease! So almost inversion canning, but not? Hmmm... May be worth a try... we just leave our current jar of bacon grease on the counter for cooking with anyway...

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