Sunday, April 29, 2012

An Embroidered Mystery Novel

I know, I didn't embroider the whole novel, just the cover of one, ;>).
Our TAST stitch this week in Wheat ear.  My choice of subject was the birthday of one of my favorite mystery writers: Sue Grafton.  She writes the alphabet mysteries about female private investigator Kinsey Millhone.  A is for Alibi was the first in the series and I believe she is up to V now, this design has been used on each successive book. 
The aida cloth is really a very sunny yellow, not muted at all.  I used a bright green, pale olive and black DMC cotton thread and white pearl cotton for Sue's name.  Most of this is stem stitched with the outline of the cover in wheat ear.
I didn't plan the stitch count and ended up 2 squares too far on the top border.  I left it as is because nothing is perfect except the Creator and even the Native American weavers leave a 'mistake' in on purpose for that reason.  The bottom border I skipped one square on each side and it looks a lot neater.  I did a running stitch in between the wheat ears on top and bottom as it looked unfinished without it.

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