Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chevron Stitch Beatles

This week's stitch for TAST was Chevron.  I found in a vintage embroidery booklet that this stitch is also known as the barred herringbone.  The booklet was written by Marguerite Randell who was head of the Training School, Royal School of Needlework, in South Kensington, England.  
I had to really think about how to incorporate the stitch in this week's design that I had already chosen.  I opted to keep it really simple especially since I was not able to stitch for 2 evenings due to sinus headaches.  I created the sky with graduated color, the center section is a mix of 2 colors.
The well known image from the Abbey Road album was my first choice as a design since February 7, 1964 was when The Beatles arrived in New York for the first time.  The Beatles pretty much defined an era, especially of music during my early growing up years.  
My stitching is not all that inventive this week but that's probably a good thing as I  frogged out the first 3 tries on the sky before I got it right.  The fabric is a cafe au lait colored even weave  and the aqua colored threads really look pretty with it.

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Anonymous said...

My husband is a HUGE Beatles fan and so I just loved this! What a creative use for the stitches!

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