Sunday, February 5, 2012

Herringbone Stitch Scotch Tape

Here's my journal page for the Herringbone stitch.  I liked this stitch once I got my spacing figured.  Very like cross stitch.
As you can see January 31, 1930 is when Scotch tape was invented by the 3M engineer Richard Drew.  Where would we be without Scotch tape?  I don't think I could count all the rolls I've probably used in my lifetime.  And who doesn't love a little plaid?
Here's the scoop on how the tape was named:  In 1923, Richard Drew joined the 3M company located in St. Paul, Minnesota. At the time, 3M only made sandpaper. Drew was product testing 3M's Wetordry brand sandpaper at a local auto bodyshop, when he noticed that auto painters were having a hard time making clean dividing lines on two-color paint jobs. Richard Drew was inspired to invent the world's first masking tape in 1925, as a solution to the auto painters' dilemma.   The brand name Scotch came about while Drew was testing his first masking tape to determine how much adhesive he needed to add.  The bodyshop painter became frustrated with the sample masking tape and exclaimed, "Take this tape back to those Scotch bosses of yours and tell them to put more adhesive on it!"  The name was soon applied to the entire line of 3M tapes.
Five years later Richard Drew invented the 1st waterproof, see-though, pressure sensitive tape, this supplying an attractive, moisture proof way to seal food wrap for bakers, grocers and meat packers.  Drew sent a trial shipment to a Chicago firm specializing in package printing for bakery products.  The response was put this product on the market!  Shortly after, heat sealing reduced the original use of the new tape.  However, Americans in a depressed economy discovered they could use the tape to mend a wide variety of things like torn pages of books and documents, broken toys, ripped window shades, even dilapidated currency.


Deborah McLaughlin said...

Isn't it funny how things get their names? Usually it's something totally different from waht we assume. Thanks for sharing!

Judy S. said...

Interesting post! What would we do without Scotch tape and post-its? Oh, and duct tape....... Enjoyed your canning post also and your salsa looks very yummy!

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