Sunday, March 20, 2011

More Pendants at Saintly Images

I have been working on a new batch of pendants since not being able to do much else but sit.  The above pendant is an icon of St John Chrysostom which means the golden tongued.  He lived in the 4th century and was one of the church fathers and one of the 3 Hierarchs as well as the Archbishop of Constantinople.  
I had purchased some decorative stampings and medals and am adding them to the pendants. There are a couple of other people now doing saints and icons on etsy and I have to try to make mine a bit different in order to stand out.  But since I wanted to improve on them anyway its a win win situation.

These 2 photos show the 2 sides of this pendant.  St Gertrude from the middle ages and a lovely image of the Virgin Mary.
I finally got 2 light sources I can use at my desk so as to not cast dark shadows on one side and the tissue paper I think gives a nice background.
This is St Theodore the General from the 2nd century, a patron saint of soldiers. 
I had gotten some new background papers and this is one, it has the tiniest silver glitter in it.

This is the front and back of another that has a medal dangle and a decorative stamping in silver plate.


Jules said...

Beautiful pendants!

Lord Wellbourne said...

Ditto! And the photography is very nicely done as well. Do you need more medals? I have a slew of them around here that I won't be using.

Joey said...

These are beautiful. You are very gifted.


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