Friday, March 18, 2011

Ongoing Battle

Wonder what I have been up to lately?
Ever hear of a pinched nerve or sciatica and wonder what it is?
I can tell you as I have an ongoing battle with one, have had for about 15 or so years.  It doesn't totally stop me from doing things but it sure slows me down and there are some things I just don't dare do for fear of making it worse.  If you have never had a pinched nerve be very grateful.
They can occur in several areas, mine is in my lower back on the right side.  This is how you know you have one: a small nagging pain in your lower back just to the side of your spine that moves down your leg and can follow to your toes as mine does.  
Mine is the L4 version in the above picture even though this picture does not show it going to the toes.  The dark areas are where you will feel burning pain or numbness.  The first time it occurred I had no idea what it was, the pain was only relieved by visits to the chiropractor, ice packs to the lower back and anti inflammatory pain tablets.  It took months for the numbness in my toes to go away.
Since then it re-occurs usually when I overdo or perhaps turn the wrong way or lift something too heavy.  This last week I have once again been battling it, and it has not been fun.  Being awakened in the night with burning pain down your thigh is something I would wish on no one.  If the ice packs and pills do their job it is numb come morning and thankfully I have a mostly desk job and can still work.
I no longer own a bed, I sleep in a recliner and when it gets this bad I stuff a pillow under my right knee as well.
Time to go get my ice pack and ibuprofens cleaning and yard work may have to wait again this weekend too.

addendum 3/20/11:
In case anyone wants to comment about me posting on Blogger Silence Day,  I have just found out there was one.  Supposedly it was to honor those who have suffered in the various earthquakes and tsunamis.  Personally I feel that a day of constant prayer or service to those in need is a better thing to do than not post on your blog on a certain day.


Lord Wellbourne said...

Oh, sweetie, I do understand your pain! Fortunately I don't feel it! I have the S1 version when I have sciatica and it totally stops me in my tracks. It's a good thing we're clever and beautiful because this body-aging thing really sucks! :-)

ladyhawthorne said...

Ain't it the truth!

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