Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring is Full of Rebirth

Spring am I, too soft of heart
Much to speak ere I depart:
Ask the Summer-tide to prove
The abundance of my love.
Spring by William Morris

You'll notice yet another change to the look of the blog.  Its going through changes as I am going through changes.  It is not always a fun journey but it will turn out alright.  I heard recently the Chinese have a saying "May you live in interesting times", well I certainly am and I bet most of you are too.
So in honor of all those changes I am declaring this to be my PINK year.  Pink seems to me to be a color of spring and renewal, bursting up after the storms are gone just like the rain lily in the photo above.  

I'm sporting pink toenails and wearing my favorite blouse a lot which happens to be a pink striped one.  I purchased a lovely pink quartz, hand wrapped gemstone necklace from one of the shops on Etsy and it makes me feel good to wear it.
I also purchased a vintage purse covered in pink flowers and it even has beading on it...gotta love that!
Everywhere I look I see pink in myriad tints and shades.  The redbuds and peach tree blossoms have faded but the azaleas are in full bloom everywhere.  My neighbor's roses are blooming and my amaryllis is about to do the same.
Even my sticky note pad is pink.
  I am decluttering the junk in the house and in my life and it feels pretty darn good.
 So the bleakness is out and PINK is in. 


Branlaadee said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I know it's been a long while since I have been there too!

Pink is a good color and sometimes we all need a little pink in our lives, especially after a storm!

Lord Wellbourne said...

Spring on the tundra is still in its' pre-natal stage but I am anxiously looking forward to it's happy delivery! I've taken my rose-coloured glasses out of moth balls and will start wearing them again in your honour!

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