Monday, November 8, 2010

The Most Unique Music You Will Ever Hear

Today I want to help out some very old friends and ask you to do a good deed to help children in need.  I have friend named Kemper Crabb.  He is a phenomenal musician with an unlimited talent.  He sent a few of us this email:
Greetings, all; Kemper here.
For those of you who haven’t already heard, I just released a new musical project called RELIQUARIUM. In the first place, this is far and away my favorite project I’ve ever recorded. I got to utilize most of the instruments I currently play, most of the friends I make music with played on it, and there was no real agenda, stylistically speaking, so I was able to combine and juxtapose most of the types of music I enjoy, all on some of the greatest songs ever written (all composed long before my birth…).
For the immediate future, you can download a free song from RELIQUARIUM, hear extended samples, and purchase downloads and physical copies of the project at or on my site at .
More importantly, though, RELIQUARIUM is a benefit album designed to raise funds for, and awareness of, my father’s missionary organization, Servants of the King ( ), which builds orphanages, schools, leprosoriums, hospitals, seminaries, and churches in India, Africa, and South America, work for which my father has been thrice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. All profits generated from album sales will directly benefit the Servants of the King.
I’d like to ask you all to tell everyone on your friends’ lists and email lists (and everybody you know any way you can…) about the new record. Since it’s a benefit album, we’re dealing with a practically non-existent promotional budget, and are being forced to rely on mostly word-of-mouth (or text-of-email, as the case may be…) to let people know RELIQUARIUM exists. Please let others know they can get a free download and hear the album at the web-addresses above. Many thanks for your help.
Kemper has created a music CD of Christian hymns like you have never heard them before.  He plays many obscure instruments from many world cultures and brings those to this new CD.  Known mostly for his medieval CDs, especially his Christmas albums and the PBS special Down in Yon Forest, this is a bit different to say the least.  I ask you visit this site and take a listen.  If you like it, please pass the word to those you know and definitely buy a copy if you can.  Let's help all the children we can.

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