Sunday, November 21, 2010

Too Much Fun Shopping

Thrift shopping was way too much fun this Saturday.  I picked up some great items to sell on ebay and etsy including this gorgeous porcelain teacup.  It was $2! And not a crack or chip in sight.  Thank you Lord Wellbourne for all I learned from you on how to pick items for resale.
Thanks also to LW I know that these types of cups are collectible too!  This is an oversized Victorian cup and judging from the worn gold inside edge, it might actually have been used a lot.  That's about 2 regular cups of tea it will hold.  This one was $1.75 and I'm hoping to do well with it on ebay.
This pretty Russian or Arabic tea/coffee cup was 50¢.
4 small bar glasses for $1.
A handmade Sake set for $2.50 on half price for $1.25.
And lest you think I only look for drinking items, I picked up this shabby but serviceable gravy boat for 50¢.  People on Etsy seem to like the stuff Grandma used to have.
Not a bad day thrifting.  I also scored a box of 240 brass ornaments at 10¢ each.  I bought them for the gift boxes they were in and haven't really looked at the ornaments yet.  They are probably not great but the boxes are nice and it was cheaper than ordering from Uline.  Now my pendants will be protected better and nicer when they are shipped.
Hope your weekend was fun too!

1 comment:

Lord Wellbourne said...

Good for you! And you're welcome! But to be always had a terrific eye yourself.

If no one at either of those sites are willing to spend a fair price I'd be more than glad to purchase the first two items myself--and shipping to boot.

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