Sunday, October 3, 2010

New thrifted goodies for Ebay!

I had a wonderful day yesterday and last Saturday as well.  Found some great items while visiting the thrift shops and I am listing them on ebay to bring in some needed cash.  These vintage pyrex bowls nest, the white one is smaller and this color is so very popular right now.
This wine decanter came from the same shop and is so cool with its toile like scenes.
This pretty creamer was there too, made in Germany and no chips!
At another shop I found these cool glasses with images of gold coins.  If they don't sell they may end up with my boss since he deals in coins.
These mugs were a nice find, Asian themed with peacocks.
I found 2 Holly Hobbie glasses 2 weeks ago and 2 more yesterday, so they have been put together as one set.
These caught my eye in a shop yesterday on a second pass.  Tucked in the back.  Barware is so popular now and these were rather funky.  What appears as a cookbook and mixing bowl design is really a pharmaceutical design.  The odd lettering on the 2 tall glasses even has the Rx symbol.  Not sure where they came from or why you would have this on bar glasses, but I guess if you only drink for medicinal purposes it all works out.  I got the whole group of these for $1.
I have more still in the trunk of my car, but am only pulling things out as I can list them.  I am running out of room for stuff, we only have one closet dedicated for etsy & ebay stuff.  I need to re-organize and make more space.
I did have a lady place a wholesale order for some of my icon saint pendants so as the English say, I am rather chuffed about that.  Love that phrase.


June said...

What's the line above the image on the taller glasses? Is it just symbols? Pretty funky cool stuff y'got there.

ladyhawthorne said...

it appears to be pharmaceutical symbols, I have no idea what it says if anything.

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