Saturday, September 25, 2010

Early Morning Visitor

While I do live in the suburban border, we do have a large piece of property behind us where there are a few cows, a couple horses and chickens.  Sometimes I get visitors that are not the usual dogs running loose.  This morning was one of those times.  This handsome bunny spent about 30 minutes not 6 feet away but all the photos through the screen were horrible.  When he moved farther away I was able to catch him thru the glass.  I wish it were a more clear photo, but I'm still learning this camera.


Medieval Muse said...

He looks like he stopped to smell the flowers. Very adorable!

20th Century Woman said...

I love the picture of the fuzzy bunny.

June said...

I love that picture!
And I love watching wild bunnies.
Last spring one scampered across the driveway as I rolled down to go to work. At the turn onto the road I stopped just to look at him for a few minutes. He was young, and absolutely still, except for his ears, which he couldn't help twitching constantly. And bonus! Behind him was a baby woodchuck, who, not having long twitchy ears WAS perfectly still.
Just one of those Moments In Time.

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