Monday, October 18, 2010

New look for pendants at Saintly Images

I made another batch of pendant and I tried something new on a couple of them that I have been thinking about for a while.  Instead of just a jump ring I attached a decorative bail to the top.  It is large enough to thread most chains through it and if I choose to make a beaded necklace to go on it I think it looks that much nicer.
This is the reverse side.  I'm pretty pleased with this one.^
This one ^ however I think may need to be redone.  It was centered but it doesn't look it.  I was having some trouble with the solder, I think I may need a soldering iron with higher wattage.  
This side looks worse, definitely needs redoing.  It does cost a bit more than jump rings but I really like the look, so I will probably do some of both to have a variety.  I did order some twisted jump rings that I think will look nice too...they have not come in yet.  I like how the soldered edges turned out on this diagonal pendant, it's different every time I heat up the iron, perhaps the weather has something to do with it too?  Kind of like trying to bake on a really humid day.

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Lord Wellbourne said...

They're very pretty. I like the idea of a beaded cord. Could look very pascha-ish.

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