Sunday, September 19, 2010

Decorating Again...The Living Room Floor

The living room floor is just about finished after a week and a half.  A couple of years ago I ripped out the nasty carpet and used some cheapo flat paint on the plywood floor, after I got through pulling out all the staples where they tacked down the padding.  I had bought the nice glossy porch paint last summer but with starting a new job last August I never got to painting.  
As you can see, not everything is back in place yet.  The thrift shop rug is in the wrong place due to needing a few a touch ups after moving furniture yesterday.  Since I have no where else to put the furniture, we have had to shift it around in the room while painting part of the floor.  And since we have to walk thru the living room to get anywhere else, we have to leave a path unpainted as the oil base paint takes about 2 days to dry well.
While I had everything away from the walls I removed the cheap 24 inch paneling that was put up as wainscot.  My walls already look taller.  I will be texturing the walls and painting them a creamy color...hopefully soon.
You might notice I only have the lace panels at the windows.  I had intended to make new side panels of a lovely watercolor fabric I purchased on sale, but have yet to make them.  I have enjoyed the lighter look for summer.  I will most likely work on those soon as Autumn and winter approach.
Another project is to wallpaper the back wall of the china cupboard with a light silk wallpaper I picked up at a thrift shop some time ago.  It will lighten it enough inside that you can actually see all the pretties I keep in it.
I am very happy with my newly painted floor and it is a breeze to keep clean now, as I can actually tell when it needs sweeping.  With a cat I think that is every day, but you know that won't happen.
You can see the Resident Poet's new prize in this picture, a vintage Domestic sewing machine from the 1940's in a very nice wood cabinet.  Yes, its his, given to him by a friend he helped with emptying boxes and moving stuff around after she had moved.  I had to move a bookshelf to the hall in order for it to fit in the living room.
Now to find a place for all the odd stuff that needs to go for sale on ebay and etsy, it doesn't need to stay piled on the sofa.  I picked up some lovely aqua & white pyrex bowls at the thrift shop yesterday.  They should do quite well on ebay or etsy.  That color is so good right now.  
I'll post more pictures when we're done and all is back in place.  Redecorating a mobile home is sometimes not very easy.  Things are just slightly smaller than in a regular house and some things you cannot do like put in real wood floors or tile.

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Lord Wellbourne said...

Looks great to me! Very light and airy. But then, you could make a teepee look like the Taj Mahal.

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