Saturday, September 11, 2010

Home Made Toys from my Childhood

Did you make toys for yourself when you were a child?  I did.  I'll bet most crafty adults did.
What reminded me of the things I used to make was this post on a blog about making your own beads from cereal boxes.
I am in the process of making some beads now.  I scavenged some boxes out of the recycling bin before I hauled it to the paper recycling dumpster this morning.  So far it has been great fun.  Expect to see these beads in my Etsy uniquesupplies shop soon!
As to other things I used to make.....the usual stringing of buttons or beads of course.  I used to save the paper and plastic cups from school lunches, shoeboxes and so on.  Then I would spend hours in the floor cutting them into pieces I would then tape and glue together to make furniture for my Barbies.
Speaking of Barbie dolls, no need to buy expensive new outfits when your child gets bored with the ones they already have.  Hand them a box of kleenex, any brand will do, and a roll of scotch tape.  Tissues used to come in boxes of 4 pastel colors but I can't say I've seen any lately.  I honestly don't remember if it was Mom or Nana that started this crafty idea, but I would be happy for a good long time creating new outfits for Barbie of wrapped and taped togas, sarongs, etc with the tissues.
Here's one for boys and girls.  Give them a roll of aluminum foil and see what they can create.  It molds like clay but without the mess.  I used to make all kinds of stuff, most memorably a Barbie sized wishing well.  You can always recycle it after use.
Twigs, nuts, leaves.  Oh, the myriad of things you can make with these and a little glue or thread, paper and such.  And since is it almost Autumn, save your favorite colorful leaves by ironing between 2 pieces of waxed paper.  They make beautiful wall art.  And a few years ago I did the same with my saved up confetti from the paper punches and used it to wrap Christmas packages.
What are some of the crafty things you made as a child from trash or odd things?  Do tell please!


June said...

MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think I was ever very crafty...I was an impatient child.

Lord Wellbourne said...

Oh, the things I could do with empty thread spools, worn out socks, and lumber left-overs!

Debra Spincic said...

I followed one of your links to this post--I did some beadmaking last year with strips of paper. I lasted one week. It was tedious and not really all that fun. I still need to do something with the beads. I pulled them out the other day and thought about adding them to my Art Nouveau women. They may surface still!

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