Sunday, July 11, 2010

Trailer Trash BBQ

I'm off to a Trailer Trash BBQ today and its not even in a trailer park!  What is it? heck if I know except it's sure to have good food.  I'm taking deviled eggs & Texas caviar.  I'll update with pictures later.

sorry no pictures, forgot the camera...its the has fried my brain.
As to food we had grilled burgers, hot dogs & sausage, a huge can of baked beans just opened and heated on the grill, moon pies, twinkies, brownies, yoohoo and RC cola to drink.  Oh yeah, deviled eggs, mine and the hostess', she put bacon in hers!
Nice hot afternoon with old & new friends.


Lord Wellbourne said...

Deviled eggs? Did you say deviled eggs?

ladyhawthorne said...

yes, and I thought of you when I made them. KHT made some too, she put bacon in hers....yummmmmmm.

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