Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Music & Praise

For those of you that know me well, you know I converted to Orthodox Christianity quite a few years ago.  One of the things that drew me in was the services which are mostly all in song.  No instruments except the voices God gave us.  Many pieces resemble Gregorian chant and many are very ancient.  
If you have never heard Orthodox music I invite you to go to Ancient Faith Radio at 
and on the right are 2 pop up links, one for music and one for talk.  I like to open the music pop up and listen in the background as I do other things.  There will be some music in Greek or Russian or possibly some other language, but most is in English.  Keep in mind this music is our worship service; prayers and praise.  There are certain readings from the bible or the saints or church fathers each day and they are all sung or chanted.  Not much is actually just spoken except the priest's homily.
I hope you enjoy.
And in case you are enamored of Hammie the hamster or the fish below, here's the link where you can get your own virtual pet and several other interactive fun things:


Lord Wellbourne said...

Came by to feed 'Hammie'. Now I'm going to go to that website and give a listen.

LindyLouMac said...

I have just called by from Italy, to say thankyou so much for visiting my blog and commenting. It is much appreciated and I have responded there, hope to see you again :)

What a talented and lady you sound with your arty crafty interests and not only that you enjoy singing as part of your faith as well.

Take Care

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