Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yes, Another New Project

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I need another project like I need a hole in my head, but there you are, can't keep a creative person from creating.  I recently saw a gorgeous beaded cuff bracelet someone made with the sea as the theme and knew I had to try it.  I love the peacock green and blue, along with purple they are my favorite colors.  
Since I have so many beads I am putting some to very good use.  I am enjoying every minute...this is about 8-9 hours and about 1/2 done with the beading part.  No pattern planned ahead, I am just stitching whatever beads say they want to be there next.  And since I have another pinched nerve in my lower back, sitting quietly is a good thing.
I'm also working on ideas for a custom order glass pendant, though I think my customer has had the best ideas so far.  
I think I'll be taking this project to sewing circle tomorrow night, along with the stronger reading glasses and portable light.  Can't be my eyes are getting old...can it?


Amy said...

Thanks for letting me know that my links weren't working on my post. The ones on the sidebar are working now. Thanks again.

Your work is beautiful. I have often thought about beading. But if I get another hobby, my hubby will kill me. I am thinking about making a needle that you put beads on to use to pull out stitches. I don't know the "proper" name for it.

Have a wonderful day.

Lord Wellbourne said...

I came by to feed the hamster and was pleasantly surprises to see a new post. Looks like a faboo project! Sorry to hear your back is troubling you again.

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