Sunday, May 16, 2010

Vintage Jewelry For Sale on Ebay

Thanks to Mom cleaning out her jewelry box, I am selling rather nicely on Ebay.
Mom used to have Sarah Coventry parties all the time when I was a kid, lots of fun they were.
They make such nice costume jewelry and it is so very collectible.
She sent me quite a lot and it is going to help pay off my car repair debt!
Thank the Lord I have a boss who could help me out with a loan.

These and more are up for sale on ebay, my seller name is ladyhawthorne in case you are interested.  I also have more vintage jewelry in my ladyhawthorne etsy store.  Items that don't sell the 2nd time round at ebay are going in the etsy store where my costs are less.  My etsy shop also has the more inexpensive jewelry and my handmade pendants.

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