Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pictures from the Past

I was going through my picture file today and thought I would share some with you.  These would be great to use in scrapbooking projects.
The stylish ladies above are just too trendy.
This cute guy I picked up at a resale shop.  I just couldn't resist.
You get 2 for the price of one here, the original is the blue one and then I did a sepia toned version.  These ladies are some of my ancestors although sadly I have no idea who they are.
Either this guy is waiting for his partner or it's the end of the day and its time for a beer.
....and then there was this postcard, is it not too cool for words?


June said...

That last one is Very Cool. How glossily "modern" the scene is!

The one previous . . . that isn't a hearse, is it? :-o

June said...

...a "coffin wagon," I mean.

ladyhawthorne said...

not a hearse, just a delivery wagon. I have, however, been to the funeral museum here in Houston and it is not creepy and very interesting. No dead bodies much to the disappointment of the 8 yr old boy who went with us. He wanted a demonstration of the embalming-he was very curious how things worked, he has a very high IQ.

Von said...

Lovely ones...your relatives look so like mine but I guess that's not unusual!

Coleen said...

Love the old pictures. And your lovely jewelry. Thanks for following on my blog. I'm following on yours now too. Vintage Terrace 2

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